The single life

So, since Mr S is back on 2nd shift, I've devolved a few new habits. Dinner tonight was a leftover crab cake and leftover 911 wings with pinot grigio. I now am having vodka and a skinny cow iced cream sandwich. I am wearing a purple velour shirt with abominable snowman pj bottoms and fur-lined house shoes.
Valentine's day was spent on the phone with Lorence (co-worker, chef, blogger, the one with the pissed-off wife because their V Day dinner was destroyed due to major printer malfunctions.)
Friday was HH at the Liz. Really can't go wrong there. Got home and had a beer. Which I spilled on our light carpet the night before a showing. Yeah, the beer was an Atwater Vanilla Java Porter. So we break out the steam cleaner. Which leaves the carpet wet. So, when I walk into the kitchen, my feet fly out from under me and I land abruptly on the floor, ankle at an unnatural angle. Followed by Mr S yelling at me for falling. Thanks. Pain is always made better by annoyance.
Saturday, had pasta day with some friends. I love any day that has the premise of: cook all day and shoot pool and laugh and drink all day. Had a great time and got to know some friends a little bit better. Also came home with a fabulous goody bag of leftover pasta, sauce, bread and tiramisu.
Sunday was the perfect day. Mr S picked up night shift on Saturday, so I got to spend the day taking serial naps to the History Channel.
Went back to Pei Wei for dinner on Monday. Love the lettuce wraps (as good at PFC, without the 2-hour wait). Can't say I'm a fan of the Dan Dan. Mushy noodles are bad. So far, all I really like are the lettuce wraps and the wonderful chai iced tea w/cinnamon and vanilla.
I'd like to pause and thank Blogger for auto-saving. I had one of those "NNNNOOOOOOO!!!" moments when an unfortunate keystroke combination closed Firefox unexpectedly.
Went to Costco to get oranges and cereal tonight. Came home with $137 worth of food.
I have been working my way through Queer as Folk. Tonight, I watched the second-to-last episode. This is such a great series (thanks MLB for the suggestion!). It had the easy hook: lots and lots of super-hot men in varying states of undress. After watching all 5 seasons, it feels like I know the characters. They embraced their roles completely, so the bad reviews I heard about season 5 didn't deter me. I really don't mind them tying up loose ends and giving in to the plot lines they've been pandering to for the entire series. Hooray! Brian and Justin are getting married! Hooray! Hooray! Lindsay and Mel got back together. Hooray! Michael didn't die! I cried when Hunter left and when he came back. Often silly, always true-to himself and everyone else, always fabulous Emmett, remained my fave to the end. Please, please , please Netflix, let your mailbox be wings and bring me disc 5 so I can see the final episode!
Tomorrow is Fork. J and I are knocking back a few martunis at Rojo before dinner at Haiku. I am so ashamed I can't find the joke in that. Wait! I may have it:

Drinks at Rojo bar
Hit the spot before sushi
I am ready now

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate poetry? More than I hate lavender. Ok. Time to go. I hear there is a lunar eclipse tonight. And Phoebe is chewing on the curtains.