Sprig 2

 Sprig Taster Box #2


Yay Christmas in July!!! Pulled this out of the mail. Wow. Certainly is heavy.

Shagbark Seed and Mill tortilla chips (3oz) Hearty and tasty.

North Market Spices English Rub (2 oz) No idea what I'm going to do with this, but it certainly has some POW! ZOOM! Should be fun.

JC's Southern Style Sweet Tea (16oz) I'd love to sit and chat but I have to go run around the block a few hundred times.

Panache Pantry Gourmet zucchini rosemary bread crumbs (3-4 oz?) Might be good on some pan-fried fish? Maybe a crumbly topping for a vegetable? 

R.a.w. coconut macaroons (3 oz) I swear they sold their souls to the devil. This one is as good as the last.

A Bit of Bite medium salsa (16oz) What in the hell is zucchini doing in salsa??!! Apart from the WTF-ness of the zucchini, it was tasty enough. Smoky flavor, mild spice. 

Twin Cakes (vegan/gluten free) brownie bites (1.5 oz) Great cocoa flavor. Took me 45 minutes to choke the arid nugget down.

Sprig 1

Sprig had me at "you will be delivered a box of treats every month".

From their website http://sprigbox.com/

Nutritious Necessities Delivered Monthly

Sprig is a monthly subscription service that provides delicious and nutritional food curated by people passionate about a healthy lifestyle.
We source our foods from small to medium size businesses that share our passion for food made with integrity.
Join us in the good food revolution.

Sprig Taster Box #1 ($33.95/month) contained: 

R.A.W. granola (3.5 oz) Gone-in-a flash delicious.

Bearded Brothers energy bar (1) tasty and satisfying.

Matcha pure energy (2 packets) not sure if they were going for energy or flavor, but I got neither. And I also got that song stuck in my head.

Kopali organic Supergood Superfood (1 packet) Supermeh.

Thunderkiss coffee (4oz?) Tasty coffee, but more high notes than I prefer and no depth. Came already-ground.

Mockingbird Meadows Herbal Infused Honey (1.5 oz) From the pot: "Honey Love. Sweetly Aphrodesiac". Oooooooohhhhhhhh. I wasn't supposed to put it on my yogurt, but on my boyfriend. BRB.

Jury is still out, but I love the concept. I had initially priced out each sample, but the X Factor of careful selection of items made that seem unreasonable. 
Between Box 1 and 2 there was a snafu with automatic billing. Sprig staff was proactive and called me to explain what they had done and were doing to fix it.

Next up: Box #2