Fork was at Haiku this month. Pre-Fork was at Betty's with J. I love the Betty Page martini, extra dirty, of course. The Fork group was a little different this month. The ratio of old-timers to newbies was different. Some fun, interesting new folks and a bit more alcohol than usual was a switch. We were served a plate of sushi the size of my truck tire. Loved all of it and they have a great seaweed salad. The service was flawless. The different fruit-infused vodkas were lovely. I had a strawberry-pineapple infused vodka that the server recommended. It tasted like cotton candy.
Sound track: New Black Keys: Magic Potion. Likeit, but not as much as Thickfreakness.
D's cousin was a newbie. She has an iPhone. She kept putting it in my hand. I'm pretty sure she was a drug dealer in another life. The iPhone is a wonder. Almost wonderful enough to make me ignore my hatred of AT&T.
The drive home from the Short North was fun, since there were a few inches of snow. Honestly, though, you'd think it was raining frogs by the way people react. Dude, it is February in Ohio, of course it is going to snow.
I was passed the Fork for March. I am almost overwhelmed by the pressure. If more than 4 people show up, I'll be like Sally Fields at the Oscars. I am charged with selecting the next event, organizing and decorating the ceremonial fork. We discussed perhaps doing a 2-stage dinner, basically because we would feel guilty just having dessert for dinner. I was thinking of Pistachia Vera for dessert and whatever is close for dinner. I'll have to see what is around.
Tomorrow is finally Friday. Crazy week and I need to chill.
Phoebe is on my lap, claws extended and Mitzi is drinking my beer. Great Lakes Burning River since you asked.
Speaking of Great Lakes, we're going to the brewery Saturday followed by American Bang and Red Wanting Blue at House of Blues in Cleveland. I really hope I don't run into the guitar player for RWB. He was my guitar instructor and I feel like a big old loser for being a guitar lesson drop-out.
This week should be one day shorter. Today feels like a Friday, but that may be because I had too much caffeine at lunch and am wide-awake.