Happy V Day!

Philosophically, I am opposed to Valentine’s Day because it is the cheapening and commercialization of the most important state we strive to attain. In reality, though, I know that every year Mr S is going to get me a card (always with some furry animal) with something sweet written inside, which is going to put a smile on my face and give me the warm fuzzies. So basically I think it serves as a small reminder to slow down and take some time to think sweet thoughts about the one you love. So happy Valentine’s Day!

On a separate note, I was dumbfounded at the selection of valentine's day cards. There were 2 types: So sappy they were icky and those with farts, urine, back hair and gorillas. Who buys that shit?!?

Update: Mr S sent me some lovely roses. As cynical as I get about V day, the girly girl hidden deep inside me still is deeply pleased.