Last night I had a weed dream for the first time in about 10 years. No, not that kind of weed.
A weed dream is experienced by folks in the restaurant business and I have been on the outside for 11 years now, after bartending and waiting table for 16 in Ohio and Texas.
Wiki Def: In the weeds: a waitress/cook that can't keep up with the tables. Refers back to chefs' military roots, where being in the weeds would cause your army to be slaughtered.
The dreams usually involve it being your first day on the job and you get a table of 4, which keeps expanding into a table of 10, 20, 30. All the while you realize that the rest of the restaurant is filling up and there are no other servers. You break away to place the order and there are no chefs. Then you wake up in a sweat.
Mine usually followed steak night at
Blackbeard’s on SPI. Winter special for the snowbirds involving great steak dinners for next to nothing. Started at 5pm, there was a line around the restaurant at 4pm. Dollar a head all night long. Usually made $100, which was a lot after the off-season.
Looks like they still have it, but the prices have increased. Still a great value. This is the place that taught me how to make a real margarita. Hmm. I could really go for a margarita right now. And
Manuel’s huevos rancheros (totally should not have visited that site). And the beach.
HELLO? Earth to Heather. Back to February in Ohio.
Anywho, I wonder what having this dream now says about my current mental state. I am at a crossroads with my career and have been spending a lot of time agonizing about what I am going to do. Must give it some thought.