Watched the movie Bug this weekend. While it never would have occurred to me to watch this as someone who is terrified of bugs, it had Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr. I have adored AJ since Ruby in Paradise and HCJ is hot in that tall big, beefy, but not-too-beefy sorta way and he always plays the good guy. I had a conversation with L and she said she didn't find him all that attractive, but had not seen the same movies I had featuring him. Hers were his darker roles. That got me thinking: I wonder if I would find him less attractive if I saw him in more unattractive roles? So let's tally:



Maybe that’s it. I honestly thought I had seen him in more flicks. Still, 2:1 hotness.

Oh and the movie was really enjoyable; great suspense. The male lead, Michael Shannon, made the movie with his low-key delivery.