Well, hello there.
Been a while, eh? No, I haven't been in Canada.
Just been busy, thinking, yadayadablahblah...
Today I followed a random FB link about a missing teenager and it went to another friend's page. Where I saw R.I.P. Aaron. Well that looks like...sigh.
Aaron's sister and I were friends for a long time. Now we're basically acquaintances with blackmail material, but it still makes me ache.
Memories of Aaron:
kid bro who annoyed the shit out of us.
kid bro who grew up and got cute.
bro who was an excellent clown.
bro/clown who took me bowling.
clown who stalked me.
ran into stalker clown years later. he snarkily said "sorry you thought I STALKED you".
we made out. (don't judge)
today I found out he passed away.
haven't thought of him in a while.
the world will be much less interesting without him.