Because I didn't really want to know, that's why.

This week I learned a couple things I already knew but since I didn't have confirmation, could ignore.

I love chicken wings. C-Bus has decent ones everywhere, including our hospital cafeteria. I had always thought that if I just had 2 or three, that was moderation so Hooray for me!! NCH has started posting nutritional values of most of their offerings. A serving of 4 has 1060 calories and 101 g of fat. Wait, did I read that right? Holy cow! If I am "being good" I am having 75 g of fat!!?? I could slam down a pint of haagen dasz for that! Even 1 has 25!! I could go on, but since this math is pretty basic, you can figure out 2. So, I now assume they cook theirs in lard and continue to eat the 911 wings at the Lizard and the Mango Habanero at Gallo's.

I was getting dressed at the gym and there were 2 jock women chit-chatting in the locker room right next to my locker, because they apparently wanted to boost my self-image. Anywho, they started talking about the best spot for cardio. So they could people-watch and make fun of them. "The spot behind the pole is the best because you can see everything, especially the ________ at the ________." Great. Thanks. I thought I was only imagining it,  but now that I know it was true I can be even more self-conscious.

Speaking of Doubt, I went to the library website to reserve Doubt the movie. The search engine is this discover thing where you can flow from one topic to the next. I thought the flow from this search was interesting:


doubt, faith, dooby, skepticism.

Go in the other direction and you get Douglas Adams.