Why is it all my favorite shows are TVMALSV? I am not attracted to gratuitous violence and tv sex just makes me sad. I'm watching Sons of Anarchy right now. Love this show. They had me during the first episode with the Black Keys. Love the Black Keys. I find it kind of annoying that the person who gets top billing is Drea DeMatteo. She's fine and famous, but there are a bunch of good actors on this show, plus Hellboy. and the smoking hot boy who they have to grunge up because he is so pretty. Holy shit! I knew I'd seen him before. He was on Queer as Folk. Where all the pretty boys lived. I miss that show so much. Emmett was my fave. but I didn't like him when I saw him out of character. In both the bonus footage and the History Of Comedy, he was so bland. Must be a hard character to live up to. I love Dexter, especially the sister and the stuff in Dexter's mind. Kinda hate Girlfriend. She is whiny and ...ok...I'd like to look like her. But not act like her. Speaking of looking good, I have been exercising and eating very well. I've had 3 beers in 3 weeks. I stopped at Whole Foods because I love their rainbow roll. There is a woman there who hooks me up.I get a roll that is 50% larger than usual with extra wasabi and the fish is fresh fresh fresh. So the sushi bar is all the way in the back corner. I hate running the gauntlet. Wanna see inside my brain? ...mmm beer, meringues, freshly roasted nuts, cookies, pastries, tiramisu, piiiiiizzzzaaaaa, bread, bread, bread, croissant, sushi, samosa, tiramisu, rugalach, rugalach, rugalach, piiiiieeeee. OMG fresh air.

Husband's birthday is tomorrow. Means I get to go to dinner at Hickory House and not eat the meal I love. hhhmmmm sigh. I lucked out and the perfect gift jumped in my lap. I anticipate major excitement. I even think I haven't  given up the surprise. I have a bad habit of ruining the surprise, a tell if you will. Hope he is as excited as I think, otherwise I have to break out the mullet and the tube top for nothing.